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Winter Wonderland

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

A Winter Wonderland with a TFE Twist!

The Floral Escape wanted to make the snowy winter bright and colorful with The Winter Escape, a whimsical floral wonderland. The Winter Escape, located in Queens County Farm NY, was part of a series of pop-ups made special by the design team at The Floral Escape. Featuring classic holiday favorites with a floral twist, The Winter Escape welcomed thousands of families for holiday photoshoots and just photoshoots in NY in general! Whether it be a engagement photoshoot in NY in the snow surrounded by florals or a pink Christmas galore, The Winter Escape was the place to be!

Featuring 15 floral installations, one of them being a 16 foot-tall rainbow Christmas tree! The Winter Escape was the perfect winter holiday escape from the chaotic city life, with a floral twist! The installation covered 11 acres of farm land and created the perfect outdoor winter activity to share with your family and friends!

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