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Engagement Photoshoot NY

Have Your Engagement Photoshoot in NY at The Floral Escape

If you are planning to have an engagement photoshoot in NY, you should come check out The Floral Escape. Located in the Roosevelt Field Mall, The Floral Escape has 12 floral activations for you to capture this amazing event in your life. 


These floral activations can provide a romantic and whimsical setting for your engagement photos. If you are not convinced, here are a few reasons why you should consider taking your engagement photos with a floral background: 


1. Floral backgrounds can add a touch of romance to your photos. 

2. They can help to make your photos look more whimsical and fun. 

3. Flowers can provide a beautiful backdrop for your photos. 

4. Floral backgrounds can help to make your photos stand out from the rest. 

5. They can help to add a unique touch to your photos.


So if you are having an engagement photoshoot in NY, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. 

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